To sell or not to sell


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Feb 8, 2009
I bought a Trijicon Credo HX 2.5-15x42 and I love the glass, I love the reticle but in low light my astigmatism starbursts the illuminated reticle, as it illuminates the entire reticle. My older eyes are having trouble making out anything in lower light. Should I move to an illuminated dot with a duplex reticle and a 50MM lens? My options are limited. I have considered trying to trade for a Vortex Razor LHT or a Leupold firedot in either their VX 5 or 6HD. I only hunt deer at the moment but would like some input. The single illuminated dot on its lowest power that I can still see does not starburst anywhere near as bad as the whole illuminated reticle on my Trijicon, obviously this isnt a manufacturing flaw but my aging eyes. Any input would be great

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