Thompson Twist Rate Bullets

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Jan 23, 2018
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The link below described another bullet technology that apparently is being used at a shooting school. I could not find a link for sale.

Go to the link and check it out. I have no knowledge of its success or its construction such as lead core or mono. It's different.


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I'm not sure his "increased surface area = less drag" statement is correct.

I think what's going on is he's altering the air boundary layer over the bullet....if increased surface area equated to less drag then a semi truck would be more aerodynamic than a Ferrari because the semi truck has more surface area than a Ferrari does.

He's utilizing a "golf ball dimple" idea to reduce the boundary layer surface friction... kinda like the crazy swim suits they make for Olympic swimmers or downhill skiers is my guess.

It will be interesting to see how it progresses....will he sell these bullets to the open market or just his class students? How critical are the twist rates? We all know that some factory barrels aren't exact on their twist rates--- seems like an extreemly specialized bullet.

Let's see more! Maybe he has stumbled onto something---- he said he's not a bullet manufacturer though, so if he's modifying someone else's bullet ( like nosler or sierria) there might be some issues with resale .

More options, the better - hope he goes further with this
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There are some pistol bullets out there that have segmented ogives. Have not looked at those as to why.
In my math, increased area offers more drag.
I'm not sure how the rifling mis-indexed to the flutes would do either. Is it no biggie or a variable speed bump?
There really isn't anything offered as to how much better this is vs. a well known bullet. That kind of testing is expensive and requires a lot of review. Maybe the paying students are the testers.
My hunting buddy is going to this school in June.
Thompson claims it was a good change that shows up down range. Maybe we shall see one day.