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Looks nice. It seems the Lapua is N/A. Is a 22" barrel a little short for .338 LM? I do like the look of the gun, TC is a great company. What is the MSRP?
Not sure on the msrp, my guess is somewhere around the $2000.00 mark. I would suspect that the lapua would come in at least a 24 inch tube if not a 26. It would seem undermining if they only offered it in a 22".
On the link page you provided it talks about a 20" barrel then when you go to order it, it talks about a 22" barrel ummmh??? Price tag says $3000. +1 on 338 LM barrel should at least be 26" Nice looking rifle not sure what you do if you want/need more than a 20 moa rail...not like you can just take the old one off and put a new one on.
I read an article on the Warlord. They said it was quite the rifle for the price. All the factory loads that they shot through it produced sub .5MOA. There were a few that shot around the 1" mark, but not many. Seems to me the Cor-Bond and Federal produced the best result. The price tag was right around $2600 to $2700 dollars. They said it comes out of T/C's custom rifle shop and uses a 5R rifling hand lapped at the factory. You can get it in a 10, 11.25, or 12 twist rate. Don't remember if they mentioned anything about the Lapua because they were testing the .308. It wears a Manners M2A stock and has 5rnd and 10rnd clip availability.

They said it seems a little pricey, but one has to remember this is essentially a custom rifle. For the price and quality it would be hard to say that it is not custom. Because of the DBM they had to remove the middle integrated recoil lug. The author was quite impressed with the rifle. On a side not, I got a chance to fondle one at the North Eastern Sportsman Show. It was quite impressive. I have to say I really like the short bolt throw and the action is pretty smooth. I didn't snap the trigger, but the year prior it was a crisp pull. The stock and pistol grip felt really comfortable. I could get use to that style of stock quickly. The test rifle had a 3# pull if I remember correctly. Sounds like a winner for the guy that doesn't' want to wait on a custom build. Should they produce a .338LM it could be a contender with some of the bigger builders.

liltank, what would be your preferred barrel length in 338 LM for this rifle?
liltank, what would be your preferred barrel length in 338 LM for this rifle?

26" minimum, but longer would be better to take full advantage of the case capacity and burn rates. Ideally the 338 Norma would be the better option for barrels 23.5" to 25" inches. At least that is what the tester of the 338 Norma suggested. In my opinion, the longer barrels are better suited for large powder capacity rifles (338-378 Weaterby, 338 RUM, 338 Lapua, 338 AX, cartridges of that nature).

This is a good read and should put into perspective ideal lengths for chosen 338 calibers. Dan Lilja being a barrel maker, did his homework.
Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels - Articles: Barrel Lenghts and Velocities in the 338/378 Weatherby Magnum

Found the magazine with the article: Shooting Times April 2010 ed.

Mag Cap: 5 or 10 rnd
Barrel: 22" rifling 5R Hand Lapped, 1:10, 1:11.25, 1:12(Tested) RH Twist
OAL: 42"
Weight: 12.75#
Stock: Composite Manners T2A w/ adjustable cheek piece, QD sling swivels studs, and 1"recoil pad
LOP: 13.875"
Sights: None, integral 20MOA Picatinny rail
Trigger: Adjustable 3.5-5lbs. (3lbs. tested)
Safety: Trigger block, two position with separate bolt lock.
Price: $2,995.00

"Fit, Finish & Function

My initial examination revealed no flaws. The Warlord's fit and finish were flawless, and its controls functioned smoothly and positively. The stock was beautifully in-letted, and the bolt cycled effortlessly. The trigger pull broke crisp and clean at an ounce shy of 3 pounds. The rifle felt great in my hands and pointed naturally." (Shooting Times Magazine, Greg Rodriguez Shooting Editor)

I was wrong about the Cor-Bons! Sorry another article I had read. Here is some range data:

All tests @100yrds.
Black Hills 168gr Match 2599fps 0.52"
Hornady 168gr TAP A-Max 2657fps 0.64"
Federal 175gr Match 2534fps 0.42"

Range Notes from the editor:
Accuracy is the average of five, five-shot groups fired over a Caldwell front rest and rear bag. Velocity is the average of 25 rounds measured 15 feet from the gun's muzzle with a Shooting Chrony chronograph.

Should be noted the editor tested at 300 and 600 yards. Due to mirage he could not do a paper test. He ended up going out to a range and shot some steel. Shooting at a 1MOA target at 300 he hit 20 for 20. At 600 he again used a 1MOA size target and once he adjusted for mirage he hit consecutively without fail.

Hope this helps.

Good info liltank, thanks for sharing. Sounds like they should be able to sell a few.
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