The basics when choosing a gun and a certain bullet to reload


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Dec 21, 2009
So im new here guys and getting more into shooting :)rolleyes:) but i was wondering if i could get some insight on a few things

one, the rifle im looking at getting is a Rem 770 in 7mm rem mag, it has a barrel twist of 9 1/2 or 3/4, and the berger 180grain VLD HPBT bullet id like to reload into an accurate load and practice with recommends a 9 twist, will the rem 770 be able to stabilize it?

two, if i simplified it and went with the .030 decrease in BC and got the 168 VLD HPBT berger bullet which recommends a 10 twist, a 93/4 or 1/2 would stabilize it well right?

three, what exactly is the difference between say a Berger Target 168 gr VLD HPBT vs a Berger Hunting 168 gr VLD HPBT, jacket different right?

hope to join the long range club eventually gun)
I wouldn't recommend that 770 to anyone but my worst enemy. The samples i handled and saw ran 100% failure to feed. The bolt was so sloppy that it would bind and sometimes override the cartridge. For what its worth, they seemed to shoot ok, but ugh??

For budget shooting, get a Savage. When you outgrow it, it will serve as a good platform to customize. Below is a great article in the tech forums with practicable advice.

Long Range Hunting Rifle On A Budget

7mm rem mag will do it. So will the Berger. For a newbie, you are splitting hairs looking at BC that closely. BC is just a guage to compare one bullet to another and needs real world verification.

Go forth and shoot.... a lot.....with whatever quality bullet you choose. When you get to 5-600 yds consistently, then look at changing bullets.
hello and welcome to If you are buying the rifle, I'd stay away from the 770 because the barrels are pressed in, can not rebarrel them. If you already own it... no problem, some of the are reasonably good shooters. According to rem site, they have a 9.25" twist, berger says they need 9 for the 180 and 10 for the 168 so you better stick to the 168.

Now, the berger bullets generally like to be seated right to the lands and that may not be possible w/ a factory rifle due to the freebore (rifle is usually held farther down the barrel in a factory rifle).

the difference in the BC is not as big a deal as some may say... especially to a beginner at the game. Pick a bullet that will shoot good in your rifle and start practicing.
I would not recomend the 770 because as others have stated the barrels are pressed in
and the locking lugs and the chamber are all in the barrel tenon and cant be re barreled
if you ever wanted or needed to.

You will have a very slim chance that it will shoot very good and if it doesn't your stuck.

I am a big Remington fan and don't know why they would put out a rifle made this way
except that it is cheaper to make .

Go with any model that has a recoil lug between the action and barrel that you like but steer
clear of the 770 !!!!!!!!!!.

The recoil lug is a very important part of bedding and accurizing and even the cheepest
SPS model has one and can be made to shoot.

Just my opinion

don't wasteyer money get a 700. it has an adjustable trigger and locking lugs and.........
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