Thank you for the help in choosing my new scope

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  1. hybridfiat

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Im from Australia and lurked here while I choose my next scope.
    The reviews and advice you all gave each other was great.
    I choose a Zeiss HD5 6.5-20x50 with the varmint reticle.
    Im very very happy with it.
    I bought 2 from Eurooptics and they had them on the doorstep in less than a week.
    I was so happy with them I bought a third Zeiss for the martini .223R.
    Again less than a week to wait!
    The 6.5-20 is clear, easy to use and goes back to zero everytime.
    1 6.5-20 is on a BSA Monarch .223Rem SS Heavy bull barrel (Tobler) Refinished stock, handcut checkering and piller bedded. So far with only minimal development it shoots 0.65 average at 100m. Hornady 55gnSx in front of 25.5gn of 2206.
    The Martini Cadet is a .223R with CM Shilen match barrel. I use 52gn Sierra Match BTHP in front of 21.5gn ADI 2207. It has shot hundreds possibly thousands of rounds and started life shooting groups as tight as .35 but it is now 17 years since we put it together and the best it manages now is .75 at 100m.
    For those who havn't heard of the .223R it is a 5.56x50R RWS case trimmed to 45mm and necked to 5.56 again. Neck turned they have 2gns less capacity than a standard .223 Rem but keep the pressures down in a rifle that has a poor extraction system. I can use the same 223 dies to reload them as the BSA. I still get 3550fps but it extracts the case. The rifle started life as a .222R a case developed by the aussie company Super for the Martini Cadet. We deepened the chamber with a .223 reamer and used cut down .223 dies to reload. I ran out of cases recently having started with only 120 17 years ago. Ive now got 60 RWS cases to last for oh... 10 years or so.
    Ive had 2 other Zeiss Jena scopes for years now but they are the German style ZF6 with quick detach zeiss mounts and No1 pointed post reticles. They are what I have used as a benchmark to judge other scopes clarity and light gathering by. Both are on 22LRs.
    Ill post some pics when I get back home. Im earning the money to pay for them all right now.:rolleyes:
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    Feb 28, 2011
    Ya got some great scopes there partner. I have some myself and love them!