texas long range newcomer


Dec 10, 2012
Rockport Texas
South Texas hunter for many years, just learning about this long range stuff due to several friends that like to shoot long. One year ago thought this stuff was not for me until one day at the ranch i was shown what my 308 could actually manage. I found out that it was fun and challenging to shoot shaving cream cans at 400 yards. The next time not so much fun (the effects of wind are cruel) and that has sparked my interest even more. The next step for me will be to modify (read rebuild) my rem 700 into something that will do more than my 308 (prob 6.5 x 284) and will not beat the hell out of me. I have read a bunch on this site and will be looking to ask questions of you that have been doing this for a while, so stick with me through the stupid questions and hopefully we can get a rifle that i am happy with. Thanks in advance for the help. Norm