Terminus Apollo Hammers


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Jun 25, 2018
Conroe, TX
I hate to see the negativity in regard to Joel, I've not met him but I have worked with him when he was with Curtis as I was gathering components for the rifle pictured left. I believe Joel to be as straight up and honest as anyone I know in the business and absolutely do not believe he would post something like these targets that isn't true or would be misleading. Carlos Hathcock said that there were shooters who could shoot paper a little better than he could but that no one he ever met could read the earth as well as he could and that's what set him apart, perhaps Joel is one of those with an innate ability to read the earth, adjust and make the shot. It may have been a perfectly calm day with no thermals and where he shot may be void of terrain influences, I don't know but regardless, I believe him and intend to buy a Terminus for my next build.


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Jan 26, 2014
Long range 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifle built by Barbour Creek in their new Artemis stock.
That’s a 5 shot group at 100 yards and 2.5” at 1,000 yards. All shooting factory ammo.

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That is some great shooting, you should video it and put it out here. There are so many that don't believe it is possible until they see it. Well built rifle and someone behind it that can shoot. Happy shooting.


Apr 20, 2020
I may be wrong, but from reading the post, I don’t think Joel is saying he is the one that made these shots?? Maybe he can clarify.

These actions do look incredible though. In looking on the website, what is the main difference between the Apollo and the Zeus? (Besides cost) Also, are these ready to ship or is there a 3 month wait to get one?




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Oct 18, 2012
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Great shooting!!! I am officialy very jealous! I have built some very accuarate rifles but with our Montana conditions it won't be happening at that distance around here. It takes a great rifle and a heck of a good shooter to do what you did, Congrats!


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Aug 23, 2008
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Well to put the group thing into perspective, i believe the 10 shot 1000 yd group of 2.6” cited above shot by Mr Richards, is the smallest 10 shot 1000 yd group ever shot. However since it was shot in the light gun class, it only qualifies as a light gun record. At least as the rules and records go, and yes i agree the rules are stupid.
In 1986 as i recall, a guy i knew well set a heavy gun 10 shot record at Williamsport with a group of about
3 3/4”, and the current 10 shot heavy gun record, which is now closing in on being 10 years old beats the 1986 record by just about 1” in laymans language. So thats how far weve progressed in almost 35 years.
But then maybe the best shooters havent been the ones competing? lol


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May 3, 2010
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OP’s gun shot some fantastic groups at 100 and 1000. He wanted to share how thrilled he was with the components and smithing of the build. Why not share in his happiness?

Not sure what agenda he would have to push, but us devolving this community to “I don’t believe you” as default does nothing to further our sport or community.

He didn’t claim it shoots 0.1 MOA “all day long”, or claim to be some former expert “counter-sniper in a Tier 1 unit” or some drivel like that. Don’t like what you saw or believe him? Then move along to the next post.

I don’t know the man, but would be proud to spend a range day with him any time.

Joel Russo

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Jul 5, 2006
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A few points of clarification.
I did not build this rifle, it was built by Barbour Creek.
I did not shoot this rifle, it was shot by Keith Hall from Barbour Creek.
They build all their rifles on my Terminus actions.
I posted this information in an attempt to show what is capable when you assemble quality parts and put a quality rifle in the hands of a very capable shooter.
I have personally shot with the gentleman from Barbour Creek that did the load development and shot this rifle. I can attest to his capabilities of wind calling and shooting.
His only limitation is that he was blown up too many times while fighting for freedom. He is a “brother” of mine.
Those that know me, know I am a man of character and integrity.
I’ll just leave it there.

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Jul 18, 2014
Thanks for sharing with the clarification Joel, that 1000 yard group is hard to fathom, throw in factory ammunition used, and it adds to the achievement. It's a testimony to the ability of the rifle, and shooter, which appears to be a man with some serious skill. I think you might of sold him a few rifles.

Ranger Rick

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Sep 6, 2019
Some more clarification -
The World Record 5-shot group at 1,000 yards is a 1.068” group with 0.102 MOA. It was shot by Mike Wilson in 2018. Picture attached. Wilson has competed in International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) for 14 years and has held four IBS records. Joel's #9 Post has a picture of the Ballistic-X apps showing a 1.13” Group with a 0.10MOA at 1101 yards. That is within 0.062" of the world record world (within 62 thousandths of the world record), and his picture exceeds the world record.
Joel says he will replicate the shooting, yet he admits the posted targets were not shot by him. We don't need to go to him. Joel or Keith should have their shooting skills verified by a neutral competitive shooter. That is a good way to market your world record capable product.
At 1,000 yards Hornady factory 140gr 6.5 Creedmoor HPBT ammo drops 316" or 26.33 feet. If a shooter's angle of elevation changes by a mere 1/10 of a degree at the muzzle (not unlikely with a Harris bipod and rear pad), the Point of Impact at the target at 1,000 yards changes 21 inches.
When someone shows pictures and numbers that rival a world record, there is nothing wrong with questioning him. That is why competition and world records require verification.


Feb 4, 2020
Hello gentleman and shooting enthusiasts.
I have been following this thread as I am the guy who shot the groups. Normally I don’t say anything but this seems to be causing too many issues on thIs awesome forum we all get to be part of. It never fails to amuse me at people who want to bring up the world records for this and that. This group qualifies as nothing. It’s not world class shooting, it’s not even a record for anything as it was just a three shot group. For our hunting rifles that Has been the standard for as long as I can remember. Especially on a carbon fiber barrel. I do not seek anyone’s approval or belief of my abilities. It’s just a tribute to what the the actions built by Joel are capable of. If you want to get all twisted up about it you’re more than welcome to come through our course at Barbourcreek.com. With our school rifles students are able to hit clays at 1,000 yards and a few of our clients are able to hit golfballs with us calling the wind for them. I have worked with the best, been trained by the best, and shoot 6 days a week on the same range. I hope all of you gentleman have a great and wonderful day.
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Apr 15, 2013
That is awesome shooting. That is the main reason I do not have a $5K rifle. I am only a $2K shooter. If as the last of the kids get done with school I get the time I may see If I can learn to shoot consistently past 600 yards and buy a rifle like the one used in this example. I am always super impressed with the guys that can shoot like this. It takes a high quality rifle, but it also takes great ammunition and most importantly a great shooter. I played football, but new after the age of 14 I would not play in the NFL. I shoot a bit and spent some time carrying a rifle for a living, but I know I will never shoot a 2 inch 1000 yard group.

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