Terminus Apollo Hammers


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Jan 30, 2020
Greeley Colorado
Barbour Creek built the rifle, best to contact them for pricing.

Groups were shot off bench with bipod and rear bag.

For all you naysayers.... let me know when you want to witness in person, I’ll be happy to oblige!
I just want to come take lessons from you I want to be a .25moa shooter. I just ordered the identical stock my 7max sits in for my 22lr for more affordable practice. Any recommendations on that practice?


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Aug 5, 2019
My Zermätt Arms TL3 in left-bolt & right-port is at my FFL across town. It's been there since the day after Memorial Day Monday. I been too busy at voork to go get it. I've designed a 6.5mm mildcat that I hope will print as well as what you've got workin' for you...


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Oct 31, 2004
I think the point of this thread was lost long ago when ego's got involved. It seems some are really hung up on the fact they interpreted the group to be shot by the original poster rather than the actual shooter. Whatever...

Fact is, In the years I've been a part of this forum, I've never logged on here looking to buy someone who could shoot 😁 but I sure have taken ALOT of advice from great shooters about products they use or recommend!
This horse has already been beat and drug around enough, but the man did offer in-person proof to any of the doubters and that's as much verification as one could possibly provide.

Having exhausted all of my old 700 actions to build from, I was dead set on using Defiance for my next build but based on information I've gathered here, Terminus will likely get my business when the time comes to do it again.

John Klingenberg

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Nov 13, 2018
LoL!!! Yeah you are so right. It’s like when I go to the shooting range in Mingus Texas. It’s called TacPro. I’ve met more snipers there in on day than I met in my 7 years in the service. LoL
I used to take the EOD guys from Dyess out there to shoot their .50 Barrets. Back when they were first building. One smart guy decided to shoot the steel with a Rufus round. U.S. Air Force (tax payers) had to buy a silhouette. Then the snap back, flat brimmers started going there.
Gotta say though having an address listed as Gun Barrel City would be neat.

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