talley LW ring bases vs. DNZ one peice


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Jan 5, 2010
I have a rem 700 Alaskan Ti in 25-06 and am trying to decide on what to use to mount my Leupold VX-3 4-14x40 1 inch tube on. Just wanted to get some expert opinions, thanks in advance.

This rifle is set up to be a light weight backpack rig for the small deer here in
California with some mid range capabilities, 300-600 yards.

Talley LW Long action Low or the DNZ one piece?
Have never tried the DNZ's but we do have the Talleys on two lightweight rifles. One is a 700 in 300 WM and the other is an Abolt II in 270 WSM. They have worked out well on both of these rifles, no complaints.
I installed a set of Talleys on a Weatherby this year. They required a LOT of lapping to get anywhere near where I wanted them. That did not impress me. Otherwise they worked fine.

I found out about the DNZ mount later, and the fact both ends will be aligned no matter what is appealing.

However, I personally prefer the Burris Signature rings.
I have DNZ mounts on 2 AR-15's and I really like them. Lightweight, but very beefy.
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