Synthetic stock for remington


Dec 30, 2009
I want to replace the laminated stock on my rem 700 in 300 win mag, I am leanin to the H-S precission. I have found lots of stocks on gun broker, but not many for a heavy barrel in a magnum action. What is the difference between a long action and a magnum action I cant seem to see any difference , between my 2506 and my 300. where am I going wrong. And what do you think of switching stocks. the laminated stock is so heavy, hoping to cut some weight out and not to mention the fact that on my elk hunting trip this fall, my rifle would not even hit on paper due to it raining everyday, we guessed. after 3 days there the barrel was no longer free floated, as it was hitting on one side toward the front of stock. Any help out there. Thanks
I have an hs precision and a bell and carlson and I wont get another hs. As far as finish the bell is just as good of quality if not better and quite a bit cheaper in my opinion. And also if your stock is laminated then it shouldn't be bothered by temperature or moisture? I may be wrong but im pretty sure......?
ditto on the laminate stock, IF it's sealed. It should not be "warping" on you.

I use ACCURATE INNOVATIONS stocks, and they are rock solid from Alaska to the desert, and not to heavy.

But, if you want "glass" the B&C is good.
What type of rifle do you have? I know you said Rem 700 in .300WinMag but you also mentioned a heavy barrel. Is yours a special run of the Sendero? There is no difference in the length of a LA and a magnum stock or action. In fact the bolt out of a .25-06 will fit in a .300WinMag action. The boltfaces are different due to cartridge case head diameter.
Depending what your stock looks like I might be willing to trade you an HS Precision off my 700Police (7Mag). I prefer the laminates. Let me know. JohnnyK.
Twobears, another option to consider is the McMillan Edge stock. I have a 700 LSS with a .655 muzzle and changed mine to save weight. The McMillan is a solid dependable stock, but a little pricey. I agree though, I wouldn't think a laminate stock would change like yours is doing. May be something else.
I have checked everything that I can think of. The ring and base screws the action screws, and have cleaned the barrel with copper solvent, I am at a loss, I have a shepherd scope on the gun and have talked with them, am waiting till the weather clears up a little, dont feel like sitting outside trying to get the gun sighted in when its 7 out in the morning and maybe up to 20 in the afternoon, with wind blowing 20 to 30. not much fun. Have thought about switching scopes to try that. any thoughts what else I can do, need all the help I can get. Thanks
you might look at Christensen Arms - they have a carbon fiber stock that is very strong and light. They will install and bed it for you too. Your bull barrel may be about the same diameter as their carbon wrapped barrel.

Good luck!
I too have been looking for a replacement for my laminated remington stock. I have been looking for something with a palm swell, more verticle grip, and wider forend. The problem is that mine's a lefty and those seem to be hard to come by. My current one looks like "Franken-Stock" cus I have so much tape and crap on it to get it to fit better. So far my options are to either spend a crap load of money (and take away from or do away with my latest rifle - a .308 DPMS) or get one of the new Choate Tacticals. The later may be a good option as the company is just a couple towns up the road from me.
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