bedding synthetic stock vanguard

grant moore

Oct 27, 2012
Looking for any good suggestions and simple method of bedding my Vanguard synthetic stock.. I have managed to get down to .100" groups at 100'with my 7mm rem mag , 168 sierra match, 63.8g H4813sc. Modified trigger.
Now I am looking to find an easy way of bedding the stock..Any suggestions would be helpful..
Any time your are consistantly sub 1/2" at 100 LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Especially on a factory sporter.
Bedding and other work is mainly to get a rifle to shoot better, and you've got it shooting. I work on a pipe if it doesn't shoot well, otherwise I might just screw it up by making it "better".
K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) comes to mind here.
If you have a factory rifle shooting shooting under a half inch on a bad day and you do anything to it you must be on crack. Very good crack at that.
Well, I don't have any crack however got some good advice.. Thanks , will leave as it is and enjoy the hunting...
Ha ha ha, just messin with you a little. A factory rifle that shoots that good says something about the shooter and reloading skills also. Nice job.
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