Switch Barrel Savage Gun Project


Sep 12, 2011
Guys, I need advice on a new rifle project and have several questions. It seems that no matter what I want, needs to be customized so I guess this new rifle I want to purchase will not be an exception to this norm.

Here are my needs:
- A precision hunting rifle in 300 WSM
- Detacheable magazine (a must)
- Medium weight fluted barrel (to keep the rifle under 8.5-9.0 lbs).
- Excellent trigger
- Switch barrel in 6.5 mm so I can turn the rifle into a good long range target shooter (400 meters).
- This gives me the advantage of 1 action and 1 scope, multiple caliber.
- All my rifle are dual purpose, so they are used for shooting at the range all year round and use for hunting.

As a starting base I have these choices from Savage and the required mods.
1- Savage Long Range Precision in 6.5 Creedmore: would need a new magnum bolt face and a new WSM magazine. Require to purchase the required barrel in 300 WSM. This rifle has the target trigger, a HS precision precision with V block and a dropped comb for hunting / shooting from shoulder stock and a wide enough forearm for shooting with bags or bipod. Would the small rifle round port big enough for the WSM round?

2- 10 FCP-K: would need a new bolt face and a WSM magazine, re-chamber in 300 WSM, and purchase of a 6.5 Creedmore taget barrel for bench shotting only. The stock is the Accustock and I think has a wider forearm which would be nice for bench shooting. The trigger cannot go less than 1.5 lbs, not a target action.

3 - 10/110 FCP HS Precision.: same as the 10 FCP-K but would need to machine the barrel down and add some fluting to keep the weight down. Can re-machine barrel and add fluting could warp the barrel and would need straightening? Also need to purchase a 6.5 Creedmore barrel. Going to 110 would enables me to use large COAL?

4- Get realistic and buy a model 10 Bear Hunter in 300 WSM and add a magazine conversion from Sharp Shooter?

What is the best option? You guys see problem(s) in those conversions / modifications?

Appreciate your help and comments. Cheers!!