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Sep 4, 2009
Columbus, MS
Hey all you experienced guys out there,

I'm new to the LR hunting and shooting game. I've posted on here before that I am taking a Rem. ADL 700 SA .243 and converting to .308. I ordered a PSV004 stock from HS Precision (not many choices in ADL configuration). I've been trying to get them to tell me the maximum barrel contour allowed with this stock, but evidently I'm not making myself understandable. I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out. I'm really wanting about 27-28" counting a brake with a heavy contour to get good velocities and accuracy.

I measured the barrel channel and this is what I came up with (these are maximum widths of the channel at 3 points).

Just forward of the recoil lug recess: 1.35"
Mid-point of channel: 1.055"
Forward terminus of channel: 1.03"

Any suggestion on applicable contours for this stock and what I'm looking to get out of it? I'll be using the rifle for hunting and shooting.

thanks in advance.
With a stock that has that large of a barrel channel just about anything will work.

If it were me:

I'd go with an NBRSA heavy varmint contour barrel. Typically these run in the 1.200 cylinder diameter for 3 inches and then taper to about ".980-ish" at the muzzle. A guy can go bigger with a 1.250 cylinder but I think these look a bit "Russian" when hung off the front of a Remmy.

If you visit any marquee barrel maker's website they will almost certainly have a very comprehensive chart illustrating the contours they offer. This will remove any/all doubt/questions regarding compatibility of components.

Hope this helped.

thanks chad. I've been looking this afternoon about the Sendero contour. I googled and got to Pac-Nor's site, which list the Sendero contour as follows:

1.235 shank for 2.5 down to .950 at 5" with a muzzle diameter of .812 at 28"

This doesn't jive with what I've seen other places. For a newbie, there is a lot of confusion out there.

what are you thoughts on this barrel?
I've used Pac-Nor barrels on a few customer guns, all of which shot well enough.

If you want something truly special/exceptional, call this guy:

Mark Chanlynn, Rocky Mountain Rifle Works. 303.823.6270

Best barrel maker on Planet Earth as far as I'm concerned and one hell of a great guy.


A medium palma contour will fit that stock well and be plenty rigid for great accuracy, very close in dimension to the sendero contour.

If you want to go heavier your smith can open up the barrel channel.
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