Stocks for Ruger M77 Mark II Target


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Dec 28, 2012
Hi guys, new to the forum here. Its great with lots of useful info. Anyways I have a Ruger M77 Mark II Target chambered in 25-06 and I'm thinking about putting a lighter weight stock on it. Its a beautiful rifle and a tack driver to boot, but after packing it around for a week in the mountains of Colorado it gets a lil heavy. I can find all kinds of aftermarket stocks for the standard M77 MKII, but I can only find one for the target model. Its a Hogue Overmolded and I dont think its much lighter than the original stock. I'm thinking about getting a standard Ruger stock and sanding out the barrel channel to fit. Have any of you tried this? Any other ideas? Thanks


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May 31, 2001
Casper Wy
Its a lot lighter than a chainsaw:D Thats the answer i got when i asked a hunting partner who was carreing a 220VT around some rough country a few years ago how he could carry that beast around all day=He logged for a liveing!
Putting a McMillan stock on is gonna make it a sweet looking unit and will be just as durable if not more so than the laminent BUT its a lot of $$$ to save a pound, maybe a pound and a half at the most. The weights in the barrel! Putting a sporter stock on it will make it balance poorly and only save you a few ounces BTDT
Might be a good time to add another gun to the arsonal that carries better and save the VT for use closer to the trucklightbulb