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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
I have a trued Rem Titanium in 7mm-08 with a Krieger featherwieght barrel sitting in the original stock. The offerings for an aftermarket stock didn't offer enough of a difference to make it worthwhile to change it.
My problem is, and I notice it's the same with all "classic" mountain rifles, that the stock has a very horizontal pistol grip, which feels great in my hands, but is more suited for offhand shooting.
So I would like to put it into a tactical A2 style stock. Only problem is that they are all quite massive and heavy when compared to the slim featherweight mountian rifle stocks.

Now, how many people here shoot offhand in the mountains? %90 of the time you are shooting prone in the mountains, at the very least it's going to be off a backpack, so why don't they make stocks suitable for shooting prone for lightweight mountain rifles?

Anyone else agree that the mountain/hunting rifle stocks just aren't suited to shooting off a bipod or prone off a backpack?

Who makes a featherwieght stock with a vertical pistol grip?
Problem with the A3 or A2 in Edge, is that they are going to be huge compared to a 22" barrled featherweight profile rifle.
I've written to ask them if I can modify the forend without compromising the rest of the stocks integrety, but that could be a solution.
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