Steiner GS3 4x20x50 Turret Adjustment


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Apr 11, 2011
Mechanicsville, VA
I have been looking at adjusting the turrets back to zero and not having any luck. I called Steiner and the guy that answered the phone seemed to be late for a date or something. He just glossed over the steps and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. The turrets have a very small notch cut into them where I think you would insert a fine, point screwdriver and lift up. I tried that but, it didn't move the turret and I was afraid to really put a bunch of upward pressure on it. Do any folks have experience in adjusting the Steiner turrets? Tried YouTube without any success.
I saw this post and took the liberty to reach out to Steiner Tech Support, I hope you don't Mind :)

If you would please be so kind as to call Steiner again, and ask for Chris so he can personally take care of you. (888)-440-0244

ALWAYS feel free to reach out to us here at Camera Land for assistance. That's what supporting vendors are for.
He also e-mailed the following to me:

To reset the numbered collar on the GS3 you need to insert a small implement into the notch on the turret collar. This works well with a small punch, jewelers screwdriver, or similar item. While applying firm downward pressure on the top of the turret with the opposite thumb, rotate the numbered collar until it lines up with the zero reference mark on the optic. You should feel NO clicks, as this only adjusts the collar and not the turret or actuator. Also, this process is not mandatory.
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