springfield armory scopes


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Sep 24, 2003
south carolina
Does any one have experience or knowledge of these scopes. I have a 6x20x56 gen 3 and while it is not as clear as my leopold, it seems to be accurate and the adjustments seem to be reliable. I do not have a lot of experience to back up my impressions, thats why i am asking people i fell are more experienced than I.
I have a 6-20x56 mildot Springfield scope. I absolutely love the scope. I also have a 8-25x50Leupold. I like the Springfield better for everything but the reticle is too thick for target shooting at 1000yds in my book. That is why I bought the leupold. I tend to think the Springfield is clearer. I have gone through the rigors of focusing the eyebell and find the leupold nowhere near as clear as the Springfield. I find that the Springfield is tough too because I fell square on mine on ice and it functions flawlessly!!! The only thing that happened to the scope was some of the blackening came off the turret knob!!!
Thanks for the reply. Maybe I need to send mine back because it is nowhere near as clear as my leopold, especially around the edges. I have a hard time getting a real clear image at 100 yards. I started by adjusting the parallex to 100, then using the focus on the eyepiece but ran out of adjustment just before getting a good image. I had to use the parallex to get close to clear, by then it was set to 600.
Springfield scopes in my opinion lack quality, I got rid of both of mine and went with Zeiss and Leupold. Both of my springfield scopes fell apart, the turret knobs came off of my 10x and the 6.5x20 3rd gen did the same and was like looking through a coke can compared to the zeiss and Leupold scopes.
I ditto what sealdoggy said about SA Optics, and will never own another one....and to quote some LR Tactical Instructors....."I've never seen a Springfield Optic make it thru one day at a Precision rifle course....."

I wont go too deeply into my experiences with this company's optics.....however it kind of relates to 4 months of pure hell...From product to customer service...

Flopduster- You are supposed to sdjust the eyebell while looking at something of suitable color. I use the plain white wall in my house! You are supposed to focus the crosshairs so that they appear clear. Then when focused at range the scope should be clear.
Agree springfield scopes are a lower end scope I would rather have a Tasco Super Sniper scope before Springfield

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