Spring Field Armory 2020, anyone use one?


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Dec 13, 2020
Lancaster, New York
Has anyone shot or own a Waypoint? How does it shoot, function?

I have been in between putting a Hart Barrel on my Remington 700 action in 25-06 or building a ground up rifle. I guess I want accurate and precise rifle.

I hunt and shoot in Weatern New York. I don’t shoot long range by standards here, 400 yds at most. I hunt deer with rifle only, have 30-06 and 270 for the hope of Western hunt someday.

I’m wondering if anyone has shot the SA 2020. Is it worth saving from a custom build? Seems to have most I’m looking for, but would I give up a lot from custom?
The 20” barrel is only in .308 if I remember correctly. 22” in 6.5CM and 24” in 6.5PRC I think. All plenty sufficient barrel lengths for what the OP is describing.

Grab a gun has EVERGREEN CAMO 6.5 CREEDMOOR 22" BARREL carbon wrap, but not adjustable stock.​

only one in stock I can find. Really want to hear from people before I buy one.
Finally got a waypoint after 14 months on order. My local gun store told me in January (after 12 months backorder) that the stainless steel barreled models have not been manufactured yet so if you want one change the order to the carbon fiber wrapped barrel model. Being an old school kind of guy I steered away from the carbon fiber barrel but after changing the order, a CFW Barrel model showed up 30 days after we changed the order from s steel to carbon fiber! Anyhow I cleaned the pipe mounted a scope, adjusted the trigger down to the 2.2lb minimum and took it to the range. I have had good results with a few other rifles using the Barnes factory 6.5 CM 127G LRX so I gave it a try. Since I will be using this rifle for hunting only I probably will not be making any handloads after the results I experienced. Still in the back of my mind I am thinking of Hammers. I fired a total of 6 rounds and was impressed. Never experienced this kind of consistency from a factory rifle using factory ammunition or a rifle that I have made handloads for. Both are 3 shot groups. So far I am impressed with the 2020 Waypoint and its carbon fiber wrapped barrel.


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I just ordered a 6.5 PRC last week…. After looking for over a year. I passed on a few 6.5 or 308.

I never shot one, so keep me updated.

I did call Springfield, they said they finally received parts to start making them. They stated it was what was holding them from production.

…… we will see how long it takes.
Yes, I have one since last August. In 6.5prc with the BSF Carbon barrel. The short action is silky smooth, very nice AG composite stock. Is a dream to shoot. I don't like the SA magazine length of only 2.980 in this caliber. I switched out the muzzle break for a APA Little bastard and you can see your shots. The barrel is spec'd at 24" but only is 22.5". I have about 170 rounds down the barrel. Am reloading for the 144 berger using H4831SC, and the 156 EOL Berger using RL26. The barrel has sped up with the 156's.
The node is at 3000fps and have reduced the the initial load of 57gr down to 56.2gr so far. Look forward to using it for some critters this fall. Using ADG brass for the 156 load and Lapua for the 144 load, both using GM210M primers. I suspect I will need to get the chamber opened up with the jgs AW2 reamer to fix the sticky case and clicker issue that many are seeing with the PRC calibers.
I have my 6.5 PRC Waypoint carbon fiber. Ordered it and a month later have it. The gun store also gave me 2 boxes of 162 ELDX to go with it. I have everything to reload except magnum powder. Now I just need to order a scope so I can shoot it. I will update when I do.
Carters country in Houston has em in stock. I held one. Didn’t buy it so I didn’t shoot it. There were a couple of issues for me:
  1. The vertical grip is wonky feeling. Can’t describe it, just uncomfortable, certainly for a hunting rifle. Maybe better prone.
  2. The magazine is loose in the mag well to the point that it rattles. Not like it would be snug and fit if it were loaded, it was floppy.
  3. Recoil pad es no bueno.
All of those issues would / be could be corrected with a new stock, but I didn’t wanna pay $700 to make a new rifle right