Speer Impact Big Game Bonded Bullet

And here is a recent review from Natchez:

Seems like the bullets I got are seconds/blems

Review by THone on 26 Jun 2023review stating Seems like the bullets I got are seconds/blems
I got the 2 boxes of 190 grain .308 cal Speer Impact bullets timely and opened a box to check them out. The nose area of the bullet has obvious crimp markings from the tip being installed in the lead core I presume. The plating does not smooth these marks so I am concerned the BC and possibly accuracy will be affected.

Bottom line - The bRead more about review stating Seems like the bullets I got are seconds/blems
ullets are priced too high for the quality of projectiles I received. They were not listed as blems or 2nd's, so I am disappointed. I will try them anyway as I always had great success with 190's out of my 300 win. I may update later depending on results. Read Less
I bought some 172's and 140's but not had a chance to shoot them yet.
What you see near the tip is not crimp but serrations purposely cut in the copper to initiate expansion and begin even petal peel.
It's in the design as explained on the Speer Impact product description.
It looks to work as intended according to pictures I've seen of recovered bullets after impact at different velocities.
I have the 172’s and190’s. Haven’t loaded any yet. The 172’s looked like they bulged out in the front. Like a little donut. I don’t see how that could be good for accuracy. I’m trying to find a good powder to use the 172’s in my 308 but the info I’m finding isn’t looking very promising. Anyone have any input on this?