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Apr 20, 2003
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Product Code: BU-SS-787350

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Bushnell 15-45x50mm Spacemaster® spotting scope
Spacemaster® spotting scope quality and dependability have longset the standard for field spotting scopes. They feature internal flareshielding, the finest color correction, fully hard-coated optics and a standardthread tripod mount. The exclusive multi-position eyepiece available on thismodel offers an infinite number of viewing positions between straight-thru and90 degrees-providing flexibility for viewing comfortably in any situation.


is this what we need for the bigeyes
The 50MM Bushnells with the variable eyepiece won't work at all. The 50mms don't have a focus adjustment on the side of the tube where as the 60mms do.

They have to be 60MM and also a fixed eyepiece.

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