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Sep 26, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Hi everyone,
I am a virgin to the site and long-range shooting in general. I am very interested in the sport though and waiting for my rifle to arrive from Finland. I decided to take my brothers word for it and go for a Sako 85, 300 Win Mag. He is a PH in South Africa and after listening to what I wanted the rifle for, suggested I get this one. I also purchased a Nightforce 8 32x56 on his word. My questions are many but I will start with these few though, which rings will be best? High rings or low ones? What's the difference? I thought it better to get the answers from people that know, since my bro is hard to track down sometimes.
Any input will be appreciated.
56 mm NF requires at least medium height NF rings. I am not familiar at all with the Sako 85, but if it's got an extremely heavy strait taper barrel, you might even need high rings. My raptor contour barrel wouldn't take mediums.........just barely, but no.
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