choosing a scope need advise


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Jan 8, 2010
hi im dave from riverside ca. and have a new rem. 700 sps in 7mag. im looking at the nikon monarch sf 6-24x50 reason being is i cant afford a $1300 and up scope at this tme. i plan on using winchester accubond ammo 150 gr as ive had great success with this ammo in the resent past with my .270 140gr on deer/bear. so im looking to reach out to the 700-800 yard mark with the 7mag. any and all advise welcome on scope recommendations, my set-up, round choice, etc. never made a kill out past 300, but longer shots have been available. wanna be longrange shooter looking for some guidance.
Nikon gives you great bang for your buck$$, for sure. I own a couple in 3x9 for my 30-06 and 223wssm and love em.I see you have a ''factory'' or ''nearly factory'' rifle. Is it accurate enough for 7-800yds? Please dont get me wrong, its just that most factory guns arent for small groups at long range.(not all just most) I dont have any custom stuff myself yet, but the factory ones i own shoot well. Just started handloading and accuracy has improved to more acceptable levels for longer distance. Honestly untill my pocket book and personal ability catch up with my dreams, ive shortened -my- long range intentions. I practice out to 600+ with my 270wsm and 300wby quite a bit.
I also did my own trigger work.
For this purpose (shooting 600+ with a very flat shooting caliber''like your 7mm) I choose Burris optics for my rifles for 3 reasons. (1)Theyre built as tough as they come and have a good waranty. (2)they have a Bplex reticle(200 yd zero and hash marks out to 600) wich seem to be a match made in heaven for cals in the 270wsm/7mm/300wby class when you dope out the actual p.o.i. vs the hold over pionts. mine are within 2'' poi vs hold over, out to 600. (3)and lastly, $379.00 gets you a 4.5 x 14 X 42 A/O with this reticle.
Weather or not you hand load, Accobond bullets are quality bullets, if your rifle likes them go for it, but depending on what you plan on hunting you might choose the heavier 160 gr Accubond bullett with a higher B.C. in the mid to low5's i think vs high4's B.C. with the 140gr
Just my two cents. And please dont be offended with the ''factory'' rifle question. There are some that would be up to the 800yd task and i dont know you or your rifle. I do know however that your selection of caliber is an Exelent choice for the task at hand. Good luck with your choice and (pm) me if youd like and let me know what you end up with.

P/S Nikon Monarch or Buckmaster/ Leupold VX3/ and Burris FF2 are all GREAT SCOPES FOR YOUR HARD EARNED $. You realy cant go wrong with any of those three. Also see if the guy behind the counter will let you take all 3 outside to compare the clarity for the $ side by side by side. Good luck, winmag.
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