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SOLD/EXPIRED ***SOLD*** Rem 700 Sendero SF II .300 Win Mag ***SOLD***


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Feb 18, 2008
Central Minnesota
I moved up to a .338 Edge for long range, so I am looking to let go of my Sendero. I have owned it for several years now and hunted with it every year. I'd rather not let it go, but the Edge does what I need.

Remington 700 Sendero SF II in .300 Win Mag
HS Precision stock--black with gray webbing
Dual front studs, single in rear
Action was bedded to stock

Gun shoots Bergers well--both 168VLDs and 210 VLDs, as well as Barnes TTSX 168s. All load data is available if it is wanted. I do not have a round count.

Pictures here:
Image of 300 WM Sendero - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Image of .300 WM Sendero reciever - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Image of 500yd .300 WM Target - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Image of 800yd .300 WM Target - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

.300 WM w/TRS picture by fossx101 - Photobucket

.300 WM w/TRS picture by fossx101 - Photobucket

The stock does have a minor defect (air bubble popped) on the bottom of the pistol grip--does not affect anything, just is a cosmetic defect--I will try to find a picture of it if I can.

I do have an extra BC A2 style stock that is brand new and could be changed out with the HS if wanted--PM me to work out details if this interests you.

I was shooting with the Nightforce NXS and Jewell in the pictures, but the scope is not for sale and the original X-mark will be going back in.

I do have some brass for this gun that could be included if interested as well as the RCBS dies I used.

Feel free to PM/E-mail with any questions or requests-- [email protected]

Asking $750 shipped to your FFL or feel free to shoot me an offer

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Re: FS: Rem 700 Sendero SF II .300 Win Mag

Price Drop to $750 Shipped for the rifle.

I also have some things that could go with the rifle if interested:

44 Win brass de-primed and neck sized in hard case
50 Win Brass: 32 fired, 18 new (don't remember why I didn't load)in hard
8 Loaded 210 Berger VLD and 42 fired in hard case
29 Loaded 168 Barnes TTSX, 10 loaded 168 Berger VLD, 11 fired in hard case
1 Box factory Federal Fusion 165: 16 still loaded, 4 fired
74 168 Berger VLDs
FL, NK, and seater dies
All load data will be supplied

$900 for everything shipped, or let me know if something isn't any interest to you and I'll drop the price. Otherwise, feel free to make another offer via PM or [email protected]

Thanks, Jason

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