1. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Axil GS Extreme Ear Buds

    Selling NIB Axil GS Extreme ear buds. $100 TYD Paypal FF if not FF I ask that you pay paypal fee. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  2. U

    SBR Shooter or Not?

    Went to the local public shooting range today. While I was there I noticed a man in the pistol range area shooting a 8 1/2" barreled AR with no sights of any kind installed. Curious why anyone would want to shoot using the flat top picatinny rail as a sight, I stepped to get a closer look. As...
  3. tr175

    SIG Kilo 2000 Rangefinder

    Nice Sig Kilo 2000 rangefinder that works great. Decided to go with a Bino/rangefinder in one. $190 shipped.
  4. 3

    Zeiss Victory 2500 vs Leica Geovid 3000

    I was hoping somebody who owns either of these or can get their hands on them could do a review and or comparison? They have been out for a little while now and I'm having troubles finding alot of good information and reviews. I think alot of us would really like to see how well they do on soft...
  5. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED ***SOLD*** Rem 700 Sendero SF II .300 Win Mag ***SOLD***

    I moved up to a .338 Edge for long range, so I am looking to let go of my Sendero. I have owned it for several years now and hunted with it every year. I'd rather not let it go, but the Edge does what I need. Remington 700 Sendero SF II in .300 Win Mag HS Precision stock--black with gray...