Simple question about Rem700 actions.

So that is basically the only difference?

As long as the trigger and action are the same, I think I am gonna start looking for a ADL, with a Magnum action. I saw a few at a gun shop for around 300 bucks, and thought this was a descent deal.

As far as loading from the top, I don't know why, maybe I am old fascioned, but I never unload from the bottom, I used to use and old mauser that the floor plate didn't open, and I got used to it, and the last 10 years. I didn't change. LOL
I believe that Remingtons quality varies with price. My Sendero that I bought has a silky smooth action with very little play.
The BDL has been almost as smooth but seems to have more slop in it and the last ADL I bought was sloppy and very rough. This is based only from what I have seen and may be only that chance had it that way but I still believe that the price dictates the qualty of what you get from Remington. I will believe this until I see otherwise. If you are going to do a custom job why not get a custom action. The price won't be that much different by the time you true the Remington.
I know that custom actions are great. but...every custom action I have been able to find for a magnum size cartridge starts at $1000-1300. add a barrel ($400), stock ($400-500) a scope ($500-850)plus smithing to put these together and your looking at a very expensive custom shooting rifle. even if a $300 rifle was bought and some smithing was done, I still can't see where a custom action is just as economical.
I bought a sporterized 1917 enfield in 30-06. paid $225. best groups were around 1 1/2-2 inches. decided to have a 458 win mag built out of it. much smithing was done to accomodate this cartridge and a new 26" barrel was added, trigger worked on, and the original stock was glass bedded, re-enforced, mercury recoil reducer added in butt, pachmyer decellerator pad added. cost me $450. gun shoots 3/8 groups with the large 500gr hornady roundnose. I now have a $675 tack driving big bore (not my intention).
I am currently looking at something on a 338 long range. custom actions are very nice but not what I would call an economical choice. unless someone can shed some light on this for me.
by the way, the Hall actions seem very nice.
Tim, the guy who shot the 1 mile 10.93" group with his Savage 7WSM was at the Arizona 1k BR range this last match.

A friend wrote and told me about the match:
We had a guy from Minnesota shoot with us today, quite a shooter indeed. He has the 1 mile 5 shot group record shot in the Iowa shoot, 10.93", I think crowmag told us about him on LRH. Has a 7mm WSM shooting 180gr Bergers in a Savage action with a 30" Hart barrel in an 8" barrel block bedded in a homemade stock that shoots like a house afire, has $800 in the rifle without scope and mounts. He took Heavy gun group and score agg. and small group with a 7" 10 shot group, his agg. was 7.74". He also has shot a prairie dog at something like 2125yds.

Tim is using a factory 7 WSM! He said his buddy built a full blown custom for $4200 and his shoots just as good, sometimes better. He also said that it shoots just about every bullet and powder real well, he must have got one of those special barrels that we all wish we had.

I've got three remingtons here and I can say mine are all about the same, no sendaro's, an ADL, BDL and BDL M7. If anything, my ADL is slightly slicker. My buddy has 3 BDL's, in 300wm, 300 Ultra, 338 Ultra and they're all the same. I don't think remington changes the machining for any model, maybe the custom shops, but they're probably just hand selected from the same runs.

Truing an action does bring the price up, how much depends on the smith, but it still leaves quite a bit a money left verses buying a custom in the 1k range. If I don't even shop for good deal, and just pick an ADL up at wally-world for $400, I've still got $600 left for a barrel, truing, extractor, stock, or what ever else you don't already have, heck, you might already have the action, which is where a lot of guys are at and why the remington, winchester, or savage is so appealing verses the custom.

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I just built a 6.5-284 on a remington action that i had laying around. After truing, chambering, barrel, and stock. I only have 700 in the gun and it shoots 1/4" five shot groups at 100yards, I'm sure it will shot alot better once I let the gun shoot.

In "the ol' days" ADLs and BDLs used the same actions, gloss, blued. In the past few years, the ADLs have been matte finished, I don't know what it is but they sure are not as smooth as the BDLs. Some of the Senderos and VS models have the matte actions, too. I'd guess that the finish is the only difference in the models.
I only have experience with the one ADL I have, but "I" was actually wondering if that finish was why it felt slicker?

I guess a trip to the gun shop to cycle the **** out of their many actions is in order!
Wow thanks for all the info......

I think it is almost an overload, but through it all, I think I settled on a sendero, in a 300WSM, or something like that....With the posibility, of swapping the barrels to 6.5 in the future....
There is a special purpose rifle Remington chambers in the 300 WSM, but that's also a short action. I've never seen one, heard about them is all.
hmmm, another thing I would like to do, is stick a WSM, into a long action, that way, I could seat the bullets out a bit farther. Does this make sense or am I being silly. And if I did do this, what are the chances of finding a WSM in a standard action. LOL
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