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I have a Sightron on a 22.250, and for the money you can't beat it. There are better scopes but $ for $, they are great.
I strongly recommend Sightron. Email me if you want specific reasons; I've just posted a couple of other messages touting their scopes, and my fingertips are wearing out.
Hello! Nate I am very interested and would like to hear more. I tried to email you, I don't know if it went through or not. Please let me know about your experiences with Sightron. I am currently looking at the SII series mill-dot in a 3X12 or the 4X16 AO. I would like to hear your opinion, anyone with knowledge about these scopes I would like to hear from.
Well... since y'all seem to be so in love w/ the Sightron scopes, I have a SII6-24x42mm w/ a Dot reticle that someone can make me a (reasonable) offer on. I will say I've shot some extremely accurate groups w/ this scope, some of the best of which were shot whilst 'running the box' to test the repeatability of the scope (shooting .308 Win 175gr SMK 45.0gr Varget).

Like I said, make me a reasonable offer, and it'll be on its way to your doorstep soonest.

We just started carrying the Sightron line of scopes and I have to say that I am fairly impressed with them. The quality seems very good for the price. I would not hesitate to look into them further.
For the money they can't be beat. Their tracking system is great. Glass isn't bad either. I can see bullet holes in the white of the target at 500 yards with a 36 power SII. I only shoot nightforce and sightron scopes, for the reason of tracking. Their are many scopes with good glass but their arent many that track well.
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