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Sep 17, 2012
Why does my tikka .223 hit slightly left at 200yrds and strike the same amount (1.5)inch's but now to the right at 100yrds
I'd guess your scope is not parallel to the bore (looking too far right) or it is canted (tipped). I'm also going to guess that if you adjust your scope to align your 100 yard with the center of the target your 200 yard point of impact will be even further to the left.
Hi . Yep it sure does, but it's been like this since I bought about 3yrs ago most of my shots have not been much over100ydrs . Now I am able to shoot greater acreage I just wanted to see what I could do , so now I have found this problem . So I will probably like you say try to realighn scope with the bore and start again . Dodge
You haven't given us any information yet. How many groups have you shot? If only one at each distance, you know nothing. It will have to be repeated to be sure. I am assuming you are not adjusting the elevation on the scope between ranges, (no real reason to at those distances), so cant will not be the reason. I'll bet it is your shooting. You may have held the rifle differently at each distance, or let the rifle recoil differently, or had a different cheek weld, etc..
Give us something to chew on, then we will have a better idea.
hi,have shot 3 shot groups each time ,no wind to worry about only noise ,never far away from anyone here in england . soon going back out after holiday but will try some heavier grain ammo .rifle has a 1 in 8 twist i have been using 55grn hope to get 70 to 75grn thanks for your input.
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