Sierra MK Bullets - Revisited


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Dec 20, 2001
Please don't tell the deer this bullet is no good for hunting!

First shot was at a white tail doe. Distance was about 475 yards. One shot, one kill. The animal dropped like a ton of bricks. Didn't move an inch after the bullet hit (bullet? bullet? 7mm mag, 168 Sierra HPBT MK, doing around 2992 fps.)

Second shot was at a white tail buck. Distance was around 300 yards. Again, one shot, one kill. And this animal dropped just like the first one! Same load.

Now tell me that Sierra MK bullets aren't worth a **** for hunting!


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Feb 26, 2002
Wyoming, USA
Nice shooting!

MatchKings work very well, eh?! Of course, without the marksmanship, no bullet can can perform properly.

I got my antelope this year at 383 yards with a mild cross wind. 100 grain .25 calibre MK at just over 3200. One shot - one goat.

And a damned tasty one at that!




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Sep 3, 2002
By no means is this long range but the conditions didn't dictate long range but while me and my huntin buddy were deer hunting this past weekend we encountered several other hunters useing these so called "Superior" hunting bullets.I was gonna start another post but thought to share my thoughts on this one.While on this hunt in a national forest in Nebraska we had talked to numerous other hunters and what kind of shots they were taking and what bullets and calibers and so on and every one of them said they shot at their deer 2 to 5 or more shots to get them.Mind you this is only at a 100 to 200 yards.How ethical is this? Spray as many bullets into the air as you can and you are bound to kill it!!!I shook my head and walked off thinkin to myself,how many deer are out there wounded and eventually die cause of poor markmanship and bullet performance?I shot my buck at roughly 150 yards with a 300 win mag with 220 grain Match kings through both lungs and clipped a major artery and it jumped 6 feet into the air and only walked another 10 yards and fell asleep for good.The exit channel was the size of a tennis ball.The discussion of the match king was discussed on another forum and got nowhere but no matter what gun,caliber,bullet etc you use you must extract the BEST accuracy out of the combination you have to do the job and can only ethically shoot at a distance at the game you are pursuing what your set up dictates.I am by no means consider myself a long range shooter like some of you but i do know when it comes down to it i need to extract the smallest groups and the best bullet for the job and put the bullet where i aim for a quick humane kill.I know all of us on this forum are interested in challenging ourselves as precision shooters and hunters and being ehtical. I don't think any of you that would have second guessess as to shoot or not wouldn't shoot if you were not confident in your ability as a shooter and have confidence in your rig do the job for the task.
As an avid hunter and getting into long range hunting and acquiring the necessary equipment for the job my hat is off to you fellas that are established in this field and are so willing to share your expertise to those of us that are eager to learn this sport.
I have learned so much from this forum and it has opened my eyes to so much that someone doesn't even think of.I can't wait for my first 1000 yard kill but i got alot more practice to do in order to be confident to shoot that far.

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