SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range™ (14 Jan 2013)

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Aug 11, 2009
SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range™ (14 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces re ELR, my take away (alpha order), with a very brief intro, VERY COLD and windy!
1. ArmaLite – AR-50A1, National Match version, one year ago I asked when this model would be back in stock and was told, “Shortly”. Today, after NEVER seeing this model listed as “in stock” during weekly website checks over the last year, I was told that 2013 is sold out and that any orders placed now will be delivered in 2014!
2. Corbon - I spent several freezing minutes with the very personable, Mr. Jeff Wall (Skipper), the Director of Corbon’s Civilian and Law Enforcement Training Center (CTC). He advised that by July they will have completed and opened their long distance training range (steel with known and unknown distances to 1200m). It will be located, as their other ranges, in Sturgis, SD. Their ranges will be open to the public on non-training days. There will also be a Pro Shop with firearms, accessories, and gunsmithing services.
3. JARD - was showing the expected-mid-year-release “J51” rifle (semi-auto, gas-operated, mag-fed (5 rds), 30” barrel, rotating bolt with 15 lugs, 50 BMG, and their massive, in-house-developed brake). Pic #1, #2, #3 (the hand guard will be longer, completely covering the gas system, and with ventilation holes). [Pics at News] Production is pending capacity availability during the current “AR15 craze”.
4. TrackingPoint - “The Future is Now!”, “1000 Yards Made Easy!” More in the coming days on this series of rather remarkable “Precision Guided Firearm” systems. For now, see their just-opened website,


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