2013 SHOT Show® Day One (15 Jan 2013)

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Aug 11, 2009
2013 SHOT Show® Day One (15 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces on the “ELR-related”, my take (alpha order). FYI, no pics today, tomorrow is my first floor pic day (code = PT, for pics tomorrow).

1. Accuracy International (AI) – they say, the Savage 110 (LA) AICS chassis “is in distribution NOW!” (PT). They say, the PSR system “should be available by Summer”.

2. Ashbury – their “reduced cost” Super-Sport series was heavily displayed, including a “pink” example (PT). Read aluminum vs carbon fiber. Pricing still TBD. A very nice looking 375 CT example was also on display (PT).

3. Badger – they are replacing their 2008 action with the new “2013” model. All new builds will be to the 2013 spec. Differences – lighter bolt lift, some weight-reducing profiling, and +$200 to the pricing. A model of the 2013 will also support 338 LM CIP-length mags. They will begin shipping late Feb or early March.

4. Cadex Defense – nothing “new” BUT they have a “SHOT Show 25% OFF” deal going now through 1/18 on their chassis systems (full line) - CADEX DEFENCE.

5. Defiance Machine:

a. Was showing their “new” Deviant model in SA/LA – understand it as a Rebel with an integral 20 MOA rail…and an 8-9 week leadtime.

b. Confirmed their DBM product line is history - once current stocks are sold.

c. Said the CT and 50 BMG actions went away for cancelled orders and very lack-luster demand. Could the CT model return? Yes, if the customer base steps up. Do not hold your breath.

6. Desert Tactical – I spoke with honcho Nick Young:

a. Their very recently released A1 version of their SRS rifle - in a capsule, it provides an adjustable cheekpiece, modular forearm, and softer butt pad (PT). It will start shipping in March.

b. They announced a scope co-branding deal with Kahles, featuring a DTA-spec’d “Advance Milling Reticle (AMR)” for the K624i 6-24x56 model. The back side of that flyer (reticle display and dims) was barely legible. Some info on the scopes (not the reticle) is available at http://www.deserttacticalarms.com/accessories/optics/scopes.html.

c. They will be offering 408 CT and 416 Barrett barrel/bolt combos for the HTI rifle “system” this April. Yes, the HTI is in full production with about a 30 day leadtime.

d. They will be adding a line of scope rings with integral bases within a few months (PT).

e. On the DTM (munitions) side, they will be adding 408 CT and 416 Barrett offerings by Summer.

7. G.A. Precision (GAP) reaffirmed that all their rifles are “custom” and that they will engage with customers on rifles up to and including those in 50 BMG.

8. IOR/Valdada – introduced the 5.8-40x56 model scope (40mm tube, 125 MOA elevation (one-hundred and twenty-five MOA), true ED glass from the German optics manufacturer Schott, Zero-Stop, and a price point UNDER the just-released Nightforce B.E.A.S.T, about $3100, MAP. Tentative model name, “Crusader”. PT.

9. J. Allen Enterprises (JAE, Manufacturer of Precision Rifle Stocks | J. Allen Enterprises, Inc. (JAE)) – will release a Surgeon 1581XL (read “338 LM capable”)-based chassis system mid-year. It will use AI CIP length mags. While they are taking orders now, the projected delivery lead time is 10-12 months.

10. Oakwood Controls (VA) – showcased a radio frequency (OFDM)-based “electronic target solution for long range shooting” (Electronic Target System 1000). By “long range” they mean out to 20km (no typo, twenty kilometers)! It consist of:

a. A modular target frame with multiple acoustic sensors, and a fairly simple plastic corrugated target area (“something to shoot at”, 24”, or 36”, or 72” square),

b. A downrange “yellow box” sending unit cabled to the target frame,

c. A radio receiver,

d. A software application for instant display of captured data (shot number, x-y coordinates of each shot location (relative to the center of the target) on a PC-based simulated target image, plus a bunch more), and

e. (Currently) a ruggedized laptop PC.

NOTE – the round MUST still be supersonic as it passes the location of the sensors within the target frame, and they need the projectile diameter to “accurately” portray the shots on the screen. Shot position accuracy claimed within 2mm. The sensors could be positioned into a horizontal area about 4-5” high which MUST be protected (name your “protection” given your application – not provided). The frame is NOT ruggedized but “is relatively inexpensive to repair/replace” if its damaged.

While they do have a website (http://www.electronictargets.com), it has very minimal info, asking you to e-mail them for more. The flyer they had in the booth and the website say out to 1000 yards. Actually, the flyer says, “…at distances even beyond 1000 yards.” That was my first question, they replied (as note above), “out to 20km”.

Final note, the “current system” (with the ruggedized laptop and extensive suite - and used by the military and major arms manufacturers) runs in the $10-15K area…BUT by May they expect to offer a “personal” system with 36” target and software (no ruggedized laptop) for about $5K. I asked if the “personal” system could support multiple downrange targets but was advised it will be one-to-one only. Quite unclear whether they have put much time into considering “multiples”.

11. RUAG – in case you didn’t know it, they produce 338 LM ammo (and 50 BMG ammo – and 50 BMG case and primer components). Mr. John Mullins, VP of Government and Law Enforcement Sales for the US, advised they will accept retail orders for min quantity of 200 rounds of the 338 products in the ball and target versions. [No soap for any of the 50 BMG products.] He is the contact (RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. | Always aim for perfection).

12. Rock Creek – notwithstanding a recent home page announcement that they have stopped accepting cut rifling barrel orders, Mike Rock personally advised that they will accept orders from prior and current customers (NOT new customers), warning that there will be no leadtime commitment. They will fit you into the schedule as best they can.

13. Safety Harbor – within a very few months they will begin offering 338 LM versions of their AR15 upper conversions, single shot and mag-fed (CIP length). They will be doing their own mags.

14. Serbu – they are in production of their BFG-50A semi-auto 50 BMG rifle with a three month leadtime for rifles and a three week leadtime for receivers. I asked about a 50 DTC version for CA and they said they have already delivered one (1) - a non-trivial “arrangement” is required (IMHO).

15. Vortex – has added a 10 MRAD/turn version of their Razor HD 5-20x50 FFP model scope.


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