Shopping for a new chronograph, looking for input or feedback.

Eric Musgrove

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Sep 25, 2017
Last winter, it was cold and my sky screen snapped in half. I am really tired of waiting to go forward of the line and setting this thing up anyway so I was looking at new options.
1. magneto speed type, I don't like the thought of strapping it to my barrel, I want to shot for groups at the same time I am checking speed.
2. Lab Radar, very $ and still has issues with the app and people still complaining about it not picking up shots. Doesn't seem that user friendly for the money spent.

I am missing another option?
Should I just wait for an updated version?
What experience or work arounds do you folks have with these.
I was initially frustrated with Labradar missing shots and it's poor user interface. The addition of a $35 trigger and recent updates to the firmware and app resolved these issues. The only time I miss a shot these days is when I forget to arm it. My only remaining gripe is that it cannot record shots over 3,900 fps. I have six rifles running over 4,000 fps which requires me to keep an optical unit on hand. As you know, they are a PITA to set up.

There is another doppler radar unit made by AndiScan. I'm not sure if it is on the market yet, but I saw a video and it looks pretty slick. It's much smaller than Labradar and can even be mounted to a rifle.

I never used a magneto speed, but have friends who swear by them. The POI issue was just something I didn't want to deal with.
I was frustrated with my Pact1. I seldom used it, but when I did it was intermittently successful. I bought a MagnetoSpeed and like it. I'll get velocities, but depending on the bullet I need to shoot without it on which is a waste of resources.

I'm going to figure out a way to get the Magneto where it needs to be without spending a ton of money. I'm thinking of a small pedestal that's solid and adjustable to set under the barrel with the Magneto on it.
I picked up a Caldwell G2 this year and it has worked good the 2 times I have used it so far. I shot a mag of 17HMR through it the first time out as a test and it picked up every shot. The tripod it comes with is junk though.
One thing that's seems be very important with Labradar, is setup. It must be vertical as possible and aimed directly at target or it's misses and doesn't read. I have found this to be very important also some kind of sight device. I started using a straw, big OD one, and put crosshairs in it with a razor blade and fly line worked pretty good but MK MACHINING makes a great site device that mounts directly to the sight slot on top using the supplied screw hole. Mine doesn't miss shot at all. You must stay within the 18" distance of lab and barrel. Hope this might help someone.
There are some new Doppler radar ones coming. One just released this spring in france called the bulletseeker. It should be coming across the pond.

I have both. I use the lab. Keep the mag around for a spare or others to use if needed. Use a recoil trigger and all the issues with missed shots are gone. Without the trigger I'm not a huge fan of the lab, it works but it's glitchy at times. Also since I use a suppressor 100% of the time anymore the trigger is the only way to go.
The Oehler 35P (I've had one more than thirty years) is as useful as the LabRadar, it just takes longer to set up. My LabRadar has been used frequently in the several years I've had it. I've never updated anything and bought only a folding base for it. If I don't pick up a shot, it's usually because I need to slightly move the unit. Once I do that, it generally works fine.