Shooting Steel (newbie?)


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Nov 21, 2007
nw indiana
I've never shot steel and am looking for better ways to keep it safe. I have ranges at 100-200 and 350 yards on my property. I'm shooting 22BR,300 WM and eventually 338 edge. Bullets are 55gr.V-Max for the 22...180gn.Partitions for the 300 and 300gn.SMK's in the 338.

If I use quality steel and angle the plate downward a bit shouldn't it keep the jackets in the dirt also.

I'm concerned with the jacket and trying to maintain some type of control as to where they end up.

200 yard target is about 150 yards from nearest structure...350 target is twice as far.

Do I keep shooting dirt surrounded by concrete or is steel a reasonable backstop? Replacing paper is getting old.

Thanks for any suggestions. Grin
The folks that sell the AR500 and AR600 steel targets say to place the steel targets a mimimum of 100 to 125 yards down range from the shooter. Based on that I think it overly risking it to shoot steel targets with a building 150 to 350 yds to the sides, or down range of, your steel plate targets. Unless you own the buildings and they're vacant when you shoot, and you don't mind some risk of a hole in them. I saw a video of a 50 BMG shot into a steel plate target from what looked like 100-150 yds down range. A bullet came back at the shooter and after bouncing off the ground surface once, knocked the ear muffs off his head while grazing his head in the process. His comment about the incident was appropriate. Something like 'We won't be doing that anymore.'
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