shoot with LRH menbers in MI


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Mar 17, 2002
I shot with a couple of guys form LRH today the whether was not as good as we hoped but we got to shoot at 580 yards in the fog-rain. We all took turns shooting my 22BR pistol and 338 yogi and Rbrownings new 257 Wetherby Mag at 580 yards we shot steel plats and a 1000 yard IBS target. The 22BR was a lot of fun to shoot at 580 with confirmed hits on the steel plats 6"x8". We got Rbrownings 257 on paper then the fog let up a little so we moved the targets a little farther away out to 720 Yards. I shot a couple shots at the steel with my 338 Yogi and let the other guys shoot one shot at the steel targets. Rbrowning shot the 257 3 or 4 shots and was on target. The fog was letting up so we could see out to my 900 yard back stop so we moved the targets out to 900 yards. I shot a couple sitters then hit one of the steel plates. Then Bob shot the Yogi and hit another plate then Rbrowning shot the yogi and another plate fell. Bob and I went down and set the plats back up. Then Rbrowning started shooting the acumarke 257 Wetherby Mag he took I think it was 3 spotter shots then hit one of the plates the impact was 1.5" from center. It was Bobs turn with the 257 Mag he hit one of the plates also. That's some good shooting with a factory Acumark 257 Wetherby Mag. I shot some with the 22BR but we could not see the hits in the field or a vapor trail maybe next time it will be dryer.
Crow Mag
Hey Crow Mag, I live in MI and it looks like I missed out on all the fun. Where do you guys shoot and when?
Damm I wish I had been able to make it. Sounds like you had some fun. Dropped you a e-mail about next weekend let me know.

And a great time was had by all

I was surprised at what I could do with the Weatherby at the longer ranges, better than I had expected. I decided that I will be adding a brake though. I also decided that another scope is in order. The Bushnell 4200 2.5-10 was clear enough and the magnification wasn't too low, but without target turrets, I lost track of where I was. I had planned on Stoney Point knobs but they don't make them for a Bushnell.

This was the first time past 100 yards for Bob and he was very skeptical on the way to shoot. He was very excited on the way home. I think he may have caught a bug, one that there is no known cure for ... LRH

That sounds like a great time. Maybe we could get a LRH shoot in Michigan sometime.
CrowMag what tipe of steel pleats ar you shooting? I would think that the 338 you have would punch holes in it at 300 yds.

I got the plats from the Rail Road the plats are for holding the track to the ties. The plats are almost 1" thick I dont shoot the 300g SMK at the plats under 500 yards and it still puts a crater in them at that range.
Crow Mag
Crowmag thanks for the target info. I've got some silhoettes made out of Brinell 500 armor plate for shooting my 308 and 300 WSM at 100 to 1200 yds at. But I have not shot my 338 Lapua at them. I think the Lapua would go throw them. Maybe I'll try on at about 500 yds and see what happens.

Well Guys from Michigan what about a date and time to do something like this? I know deer season will soon be apon us. What do you guys think about sometime in January?

Hey fellas if you don't mind another. I would like to join you all next get together. The 338 Lapua is always up for stretching it legs on some steel.

Hi guys,

I too live in Michigan.

I wouldnt mind getting together with some of you for some shooting...

Drop me an email or keep this thread up.


I live up in Muskegon, MI and would like to know next time you guys get toghether for a long range shoot. I dont quite have the hardware that you guys have (just yet
but i,am working on it.

Behind my house i am limited to 500 yards and would love to find a place with some real distance.
Crow Mag,

I had a great time shooting yesterday. Busting those Clay Pigions at 700 yard was awesome. I will be putting some steel gongs together this winter. They will be fun to ring at the next shoot. I will load up so 250 Scenar's for the 338 Lapua too. Should be interesting at 900 yds.

Love that 22BR pistol. Very nice gun. That would be hell on full pop/old beer cans at 700 yards.

Matt Regalia
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