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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
Have any of you used Shepherd Scopes? They have a rather complicated reticle system with circles and hash marks for various ranges. I am wondering if they are as complicated as they look and if they are high quality optics/adjustments/waterproof etc. Thanks, Rufous.
I've seen a few around but personally don't know anyone that uses them. Although this isn't too helpful up front it seems to me to indicate that there are better choices available. Keep in mind that the crowd I shoot with a VERY hard on equipment and things that break under heavy use and abuse are not tolerated.
I have had one on my 30-378 for three years. No problems as of yet. Clear optiks, Cleaver dual recticle works as advertized. Everyone (most) on this board likes to Click to range. The Shepard do not have target nobs. I have never moved the cross hairs after sighting in? (repeatability). So in short you have some basic points of referance and a simple range finder in your scope But the further the distance the less useable they become. Guessing more as the distance increases. My scope has taken elk out to 600 yds. I wish they had target nobs and I could make a drop chart and only move the clicks to make up the 100 yd difference of the set points and for windage. (? who makes target nobs for coin slots ?) This scope works better on big game than on small targets. All and all this scope has been more than I had hoped for. I have taken Three elk and Two deer with this Scope all were one shot kills except one elk was shot two times. But I now want to Click to range and windage and take in the angles etc. and have more power to shoot smaller targets. Just my .02
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