Sheep hunt authors

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
We need two different authors for sheep articles. Dall sheep and Rocky Mountain sheep. I wonder if one should be more of a "how-to" and one the story of a successful hunt.

Any nominations.
I would recommend this guy. If he still has the video it would be great. I remembered him as a sheep hunter and ran search using his name and "sheep". The bottom post was about three years ago.

?I made my first long range kill with and my shortest range kill also! Harvests include, 3 dall sheep, 2 caribou and 2 black bear.
I also shot my first 1 hole group ever with it and my best 300 yard group.?
?video taped his harvest with a 20 power zoom and used a tri-pod, you can actually see the vapor trail (air disturbance) and the trajectory of the bullet on the video!!?
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