Long Range Kangaroo Hunting By Shane Morgan


Mar 6, 2008
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Sounds cool !! would love to see some pictures of the country you hunt -animals wound channels etc..
Having vast areas to hunt is a thing of the past in many places ...
Hi Ol Mike,
I did send some pictures of the country side I shoot in as well as a couple of very large Roos which were brought down out at distance, unfortunately Len has not used them or something could of happened to them so I cant really help you with that one, might have to ask Len about that. He may of got the pics mixed up or something. Shane
Excellent article, Shane - you got me on the forum with the great description...now I only have to make the trip, no? BJ
great article, i love reading about hunting on other continents that isn't always the big five of africa. I noticed that you were wearing a hat and neck gator in one of the pics does it get very cold down under?
Hi LRDragon,
the photo's were taken last month which is our coldest month in winter. The area I shoot during winter avearges about 6-12 deg C during the day and drops to around -2 -1 deg C during the night. It rarely snows except maybe on a big cold front where you might get a little on the tops. Only snow in Australia is usually confined to the Snowy mountains down south. The wind chill out in the open is horrible which was the case during last month, very cold. Shane
Mate awesome photos and great article. Good to see something from our side. Shane would you know of any locations in Victoria that offer's those types on distances to hunt?

Cheers mate.
Hi Fasteye,
sorry mate, never shot in Victoria myself except with the Army on a range. Thanks for the comments and I am glad you liked it, always nice to have something about home hey? Shane
Shane nice write up.

What pills are you using in the 308.

I find Amax are ok but SST's kick arse for the big black stinkys.

I have wanted to do a write up for Len but have had trouble keeping enough drop and lay tags to do it.

Well done mate
Hi 243redmist (nice call sign),
with my 308 I only use 165gn Nosler ballistic tips, I have used the SST and accubond's in the past but always keep coming back to the ballistic tips. They have the weight I need and my 308 VSF Remington just loves them, I have been testing the 168gn SMK's for the really long distance but everytime I get a chance to put them thru the paces the weather conditions stuff everything up. What I have really given a good hit of late is the 6.5x47Lapua that I built on a vanguard action, its the most accurate rifle I have shot and shows some brilliant promise for even longer distances, Thanks for the comments, Shane.
Nice story man, but your a tosser - all the regs in all states of australia have head shooting of roo's as a legal requirement - and all your article does is put a bad name out for any aussie shoters out there. - long range shooting has its place - love nothin better than varmit shootin rabbits 150m plus, and the real pro's who know there gear a hell of a lot better than you obviously do who can nail a deer at 1000 - but roo shootin at over 500 and not being to fussed about "shootin them lower than the chest" - your either full of ****, a weekend cowboy, or both. PS - the Tacticool gear makes you look a right twat
Pull the story before you do more harm to our sport :mad:

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