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Jun 18, 2001
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Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

Boy's, I got a question.. Concerning the stock used on a Sendero, can one "easily" add weight to it? Is the butt stock hollow? How about in the forearm area? I'd like to bring a Sendero up to 15 - 20lbs by simply adding lead.

Anyone ever pull the recoil pad off to see if this can be done?

Any thoughts or suggestions, please advise.



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Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

Nodak...Yes it is pretty easy....The butt is hollow...The forearm is not...The hardest part was getting the old pad off....I would put a new recoil pad on it...The way I did it was,by using a mixture of spray glue and #9 shot.....I would pour in some shot and saturate it with glue,and kept doing that until the butt was full.It added about 3 pound's to the gun....The glue stay's pretty flexible so nothing rattle's around....That the way I did it......Worked for me....With a 6.5-20 Nikon it weighted 13 pound's....

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Some Sendaro stocks to have a hollow channel in the forestock under the barrel. Actually it is 3 seperate "hog outs" that are seperated by about a 3/8" wedge.

I've owned as many as 7 Sendaros, both SFs and "regular" Sendaros (regular meaning blued barrel & action). Currently I have 4.

There is no rhyme or reason to the hollow channel in the forestock.

I have one SF Sendaro that has it and I have 1 "regular" Sendaro that has it. The other 2 don't.

I've never thought about adding weight to the barrel channel, but there is ample room to add some lead. I just wouldn't know how to do it. I suppose pouring it in in a molten state could work. As lond as it can cool quickly and not ignite the aramid fiber.

As for the butt, I've done what Boyd suggests. I've also taken a new sock, stuffed it into the recess (with an little extra sock sticking out, taken a funnel, put it in the sock, filled the sock with shot and the sewn the sock shut. Tuck it into the butt, put a decelerator pad on and you're shooting.

Best o'luck.
Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

You can kill two birds with one stone, By fitting a mercury recoil reducer from Brownel's in the but stock. Reduce recoil and add weight. They are also available for the forearm.

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Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

I filled the but of mine with #8 shot and rubber cement, gota let it sit for a week or two to dry, then i capped it with some epoxy just to be safe, i probably didn't need that but i didn't want any shot to come loose and rattle in the gun. All in all it added quite a bit of weight, with the scope, bipod, base and rings the gun is not nearly as light as i thought it would be.

dunno about 3/4 moa, but after i get done working up sone loads i will let you know
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The lady at H-S said to put the stock in the freezer for 1/2 hr. and it would make the recoil pad easier to remove. I did not do that as I thought it might cause my "skim coat" to break from the different expansion rations alum/epoxy. I removed the recoil pad by going around it very careful with a scapel. Then I epoxied two wood dowels in the cavity to accept wood screws. I "spotted" through the holes in the pad, drilled the dowels and the recoil pad looks very nice. I added enough wgt. to get a rifle with a 30" HV barrel up to 16.4# for 1000 yard BR. Forgot to mention, the recoil pad was held on with 5 min. epoxy, per H-S.
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