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Mar 20, 2004
holmes county FL
I am new to the long range hunting game and trying to get started and i have 2 questions. First what is the difference between adl and bdl, and which would be a better gun to start with a sendero or rem. 40x and what is a good caliber.

Save your money with the 40x. Buy a Sendaro ($700) or Win Stealth ($650) or Coyote ($550). 300 Win mag, 300 WSM or 7WSM would be good choices for most big game in lower 48.

Burris double dovetail bases and burris signature rings will give you up to 40 MOA and for under $100 total. With any scope that has 35MOA elevation, that puts you over 1000 yards.

Good Bausch and lomb, leupold, sightron and can find used for under $450 at max. Total cost is $1200 or less minus reloading.


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The ADL is just a trigger guard and the magazine is located entirely in the stock.The BDL has a baseplate or bottom metal to hold the magazine that is attached to the triggerguard.
The difference between the 40X and the standard 700 action is the 40X has a solid bottom while the Sendero has a magazine cut out which makes the action less rigid.If you already have both the 40X would be the action to choose.If you don't have either a Viper at $850 including trigger guard is hard to beat as a 700 will cost you $350 plus blue-printing at $200 Sako extractor at $125 bushed firing pin $95 and 2 bushings on the bolt $175
The caliber of choice is usually 30 caliber due to downrange energy ease of accurate reloading and available bullet selection.
My advice is to purchase a Sendero,preferably
an older model since the new models with the J bolt are crap(Ask any custom gun maker about the difference between both models.
I have a 1979 Sendero unfluted heavy barrel
in 300WinMag.Bager 20 MOA rail and Bager Max 50 rings,Leupold MK4 10x Mildot scope.The barrel is 29 inches(26inches with a custom 3
inch muzzlebrake,hence 29 inches.)Trigger set at 2.5lbs.Using Federal Gold Match 190 HPBT
this rifle has taken chucks out to about 1100
yds.The whole point being is if you start with a small caliber you'll always want to shoot longer ranges,so buy the big 300.By the
way,With a muzzlebrake recoil is reduced to about a 270 caliber.Of coure this is just my opinion,I may be wrong.
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