remington 40x

smart bomb

Oct 28, 2004
north idaho
Picked up a like new left hand remington 40x in 280 remington for 900 bucks last year. I'd like to do a little hunting in the future with this one. Has anyone here had much in the way of experiance with Remington's 40x single shot? Good or bad?

Thanks in advance
smart bomb
Smart Bomb

40xs are very good normally and the 280 is a good LR cartridge.

You could make it a 280 Ack Imp and pick up a a little more MV and that would be a good improvement.

I've got a 222,6x47 and 6mmrem all single shot plus have some custom rifles build on the 40x action. I don't know about now but when I got my 40x's the factory send a test target with two 5 shot groups with bullet and powder used. You can call Rem custom shop and they may give you the load they used for testing and I'd say when that rifle left the factory the test size groups were about 1/2" or less. I had a 40x repeater 308 with a slot for the stripper clip and the groups were in the 1/2" range. I've had real good luck with the 40x and since most of mine were new I never changed anything till I need a new barrel in fact had the custom shop rebarrel one 40x for me and it shot as good as the orginal one. I think you have a pretty nice rifle. I've got an older rem 700 in 7mm express (280)and it's still a good shooter. Well good luck.
I shot in competition in the ibs and nbrsa for a number of years . The 40x is an incredible rifle as it is delivered , and even more so if you know how to tune one properly . In the 70's the 40x came with 3 5 shot targets and the load and bullet combo info . I saw one for sale at bob harts range with a 3 shot agg of .117 !

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