Sendero 300rum extended mag box holds one less round?


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Jan 11, 2014
Hi. I finally got Remington Sendero 300 Ultra mag milled and installed this Wyatt extended max box. The first thing I noticed is that the rounds are a little tricky to load in the box now and the box won't hold but 2 rounds now instead of 3 rounds like the stock one did..I called Wyatt and asked about the 2 little lips that stick out each top edge of the mag box making it a little tricky getting the rounds in the box and would it be ok to take a little off the lips to make it a little easier to get the rounds in and they said "NO!" thats what keeps the round in the box and without the lips the rounds would pop out as soon as I push them in the box and let go of the round. So....then I told them that I couldn't get but 2 rounds in the box instead of 3 like the stock mag box and they said "Yep that's right, 2 is all they will hold" ...Has anyone else had or seen these 2 issues?