Selflessness and Helping Other Shooting Members.

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
We just felt the need to write this about members helping other members and what a great group we have here. LUCKY TO HAVE THIS FORUM!!!

Jill and I recently saw a Rock Chucker & Mount for sale on the forum from elkhunter338 "Dallas". Now we have been looking for one for while due to needing additional reloading resources. The Rock Chucker is either “Out of Stock” or at an unbelievable price for poorly used presses. Dallas “Elkhunter338” had a Rock Chucker press and Mount for sale for the unbelievable price of $100.00 (we got it today and the press and mount were like NEW). I can’t believe that I am stating this price. This was more than a FAIR price it was a real give – a – way to our members. He put the post out on the forum and “Hespco” (Dom) picked it up a few minutes before we saw the classified add. I sent a post to Dom and said that if he didn’t pick it up we would like to be second in line and that we need one.

Well we know Dom and did some transactions with him and had conversations on Elk hunting. He is a really good person. Dom is a long/life time Elk hunter and has valuable information and or stories of hunts. Great person to have a conversation with.

Well long story short Dom let the Rock Chucker go to us. Dallas also known as “Elk Hunter 338” sent us the Rock chucker & an “Inline Fabrication” mount as well as 500 Sierra 6mm 110SMKs. All at unbelievable prices!

There are a lot of real good people on this site, but wanted to recognize a few unheard really good members that put other people’s needs in front of their own.

Our hats off to Dom & Dallas – truly shooting Brothers.

GOD BLESS is the only and last thing we can say about these guys and GOD BLESS all the rest of our membership and Country.

Len & Jill
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