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Nov 13, 2009
Hey guys, i have been using the upper end tactical scopes by nikon for years. Looking for a replacement that is better, mabe a Huskmaw? What thoughts do we have out there? Long Range in mind also....
I bought a US Optics last year and now own 2 of them. Used them for Newfy moose and bou and had no issues.Lots of folks here like the Nightforce also.
Good luck in your search. Grin
Thanks for the reply, i will take a look, nightforce is great scope, just kinda heavy compared to some.....
Will take a look at those also. Kinda up in the air, buddy bought Meopta, found out i dislike those.
I spent a little time behind a Leupld Mark IV that a buddy of mine has and it was a nice scope as well. Do you have a shop in your area that you can go take a look at some of these and others?
I'm in the market too for a good tactical scope and from what I've been studying up on, my choice will be a Leupold. Not sure which one, but from what I've learned in my research, I can't go wrong with them. NightForce is my first choice, but they're a few Benjamins out of my league at the moment. :D

There are a lot of scopes out there to choose from. I'm not going to be a guinea pig and try something not having a history of good quality. I'm sticking to a familiar name brand. Check out the Leupolds.

I had/used a Leupold Mark IV Ultra in 10x 'back in the day' - it was an excellent, *durable* optic. However, there are many more options available nowadays (had mine in the early 90's).

As i'm thinking about returning to long-range hunting/shooting and assembling a new platform myself, i've been shopping a bit too and price is a significant aspect for me now.

I believe NF is prolly an excellent brand - though commanding more $$$ than warranted and more than others at same quality level - MHO.

There is also US Optic's offerings (they've been around awhile IIRC) as well as Sightron - though i'm not as familiar with 'em, but they're prolly good.

I've also noticed Weaver's entry into the "tactical" market with a promising offering (and at the top of my list).

Of course there's Swaro and Zeiss, but they are also in the top-tier of pricing.

Today the optics are all great, comparatively speaking, but it's the repeatability of the reticles that i'm most concerned with.
Bushnell Elite 6500

Love my Bushnell 6500 4.5 - 30 x 50. Have it on my Savage Model 12 .223 with an anti cant device. Fielded it in the Texas Hill Country.

Bought it on line for less than $800.

They offer a tactical version as well, but frankly, the Model 12 LRPV isn't really a toting gun, so I didn't want the tactical version....

I just mounted up a sightron SIII 8-32x56 with target dot on my 338 rum. So far I am really impressed. Sighted in easier than any scope I have ever tried. I will be trying it out on some whitetails this coming weekend and we will see how it does in low light at distance.
Interesting... what's your def of quality? If it's just optics I might agree. other than that, Leupold, Nikon, Burris, Bushnell, Sightron etc., dont hold a candle to NF... IMO :)

Sorry, i was thinking strictly about optics... :rolleyes:

I cannot speak to NF mechanics, nor honestly can i speak to the mechanics of some of the others. I have more experience with Leupy's tac offerings which served me well in all sorts of "less than pleasant" conditions and Swaro offerings are *very* nice as well.
Sightron lll, and I own alot of Leupolds and Nikons, and have a couple of buddies with the NightForce scopes. One of my buddies with the NF said if he had it to do over he could of bought two Sightrons for what he paid for his NF. The other said '**** if I can tell any difference in clarity, but since I paid alot more for my NF, I'm gonna have to say I think I can tell a little bit of difference." :^(

Best bang for the buck - Sightron lll.
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