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Dec 21, 2013
when looking for a quality scope for a long range hunting rifle , what is your first too last priority as far as eye box, reticle, magnification and focal plane?
1. Zero retention
2. Accurate tracking.
3. Reliable return to zero
4. First focal plane
5. Reticle
6. Eye box
7. Zero stop.
8. Image quality.
9. Magnification range

Zero stop
Optical quality
Mag range
Eye box/Relief

I don't own any cheap scopes anymore. I have upgraded over the years to all top tier scopes. Well worth the cost in my opinion. But I shoot...a lot. Good investment.

Once you get into top tier, the first 4 items on my list are a given. So the next 5 items are really where my choices and concessions start. There really is no "Perfect" scope out yet.

Tangent Theta glass, turrets, parallax
March anti-glare, mag range, weight, zero stop set
S&B 5-20US length, daytime bright illumination, low profile turrets, locking turrets
Kahles reticle (SKMR for my tastes)
USO or ZCO internal level
Vortex warranty
Vortex Diamondback price!!!
For LR Hunting
-Glass/image/low glare
-Zero stop
- <30oz weight
-1 or 2MOA reticle divisions
-20-25x on the high end magnification

My current favorite hunting scope is a March 5x25x52 SFP, MT-3 reticle. Hits all the bases.
mag range
My oldest Nightforce 3-15x56 has been getting the job done for over 15 years.
I probably would mirror Hondo64d list except for the a zero stop would be the 10th item on the list.
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