Stay with a good time tested scope company . Millett is not one. If your on a budget, Bushnell has servered me well . It has many price levels , all the way up to the very best. They were designing todays scopes long before todays manufacturers. They invented red dot sights, bullet compinsation dials, contrast lens back 1970's 80's. Keep the the sales slip when you buy your first , so you know what to complain about, or ?
Bushnell owns millett scopes....I've been around a lot of them and the seem to track good and hold up to a fair amount of abuse...they have quite a bit of adjustability with the 35mm tubes...everyone that I've looked through had the 56mm objective and man do they gather the light....ill be owning a 6-25x56 mil/mil and mounting it on my 300wsm the next time I get to Columbia Missouri and can get into midway(can't get in their driveway with my 75' long semi...)
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