Scope Reticle Question


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Oct 3, 2009
Northeast MS
I am looking for a new scope for a LR 300 Win Mag used for deer hunting at ranges of 200-800 yards. What type of reticles do most of you use for hunting? Mil or MOA marks, or regular duplex. Also, do any of you have the illuminated reticles? A lot of my deer hunting is low light conditions in the evening, the illuminated reticle would be nice. My budget is aroung $1500.


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Oct 1, 2007
I use a Nightforce 8-32 NSX. NP R2. 2moa hash marks on the vert and 5 moa on the horozontal (at 22x) I have used a bunch of different reticals, but this is, bar none, my favorite. I also use it in 1K comp.


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Aug 28, 2009
I've got a couple duplex, one BDC, and a couple mil-based reticles (MLR). The rifle wearing the duplex is sighted in for max point blank range and never changed. I don't shoot long range with it, don't hold-over with it, and don't dial with it. I put the cross hairs on the vitals and anything within 250 dies. It's clean and simple, and I like it for what it does.

The MLR reticle rifle is for longer range, so the scope is dialed and the hashes used for hold-over. I prefer the MLR over mil-dots because I find them to be more precise.

The BDC reticle is alright, but it's not close enough to trust for much past 300 yards. And then only on larger targets. I won't get another BDC.

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