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Jan 25, 2003
45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico
As I have said before I am trying to get into this long range stuff, so please bare with me of my questions seem easy. I am wanting to use this rig for shooting from 100-1000 yds. Got the rifle (308 win) and the load data, so now my questions is about optics. I am thinking of going with a Leupold (4.5X14 or 6.5X20), but which reticle would you recommend for a newbie? I am also looking at getting a Ken Farrell base. Should I get a tapered base? Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Sep 19, 2002
From another newbie who had the same questions.
It depends on how you want to accomplish shooting at long ranges and if you need any sort of rangefinder abilities in your scope.

The method I chose after some research is the way people tend to shoot much longer ranges - use a rangefinder to determine the range, and have a scope with a "standard" reticle, target knobs and a drop chart to accurately reach the predetermined range. To do this in the Leupold world, some use a standard duplex, fine duplex (what I chose) or a target dot.
If you need to use your scope as a ranging device or want to use a modified holdover, you would need a mil-dot or variation of mil-dot. If using something other than Leupold, Nightforce has some interesting retcles to accomodate this (NPR-2) as does Burris (Ballistic-Plex).

I am sure some of the experts here can give you more or better information, but I hope I helped.
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