scope help


Oct 22, 2012
i just bought a bushnell banner 4-16x40 scope and i like it a lot the only consern i have is with the adjustment knobs, they are the type that you have to screw on and off the cap to get to the actual ajustment. my question is, is there any way i can buy a special cap that will allow me to change elevation and windage just by shifting the cap like a finger adjustment torret?
So i'm assuming it's the finger-adjustable type that has a rectangular plastic tab that you turn by hand--that's the std. "finger-adjustable system" you see most of the time these days. If you have that style then oftentimes the graduated disc will have longer lines at the 1 MOA point and it should also have a "0" mark on it. The adjustment tab itself is held in place by 2 Frearson screws usually and can be pulled to allow the system to be zeroed. This will allow for a simple target turret system after a fashion and actually works well enough once you play with it some. That's probably gonna be your best bet. I don't know if you can send it back to Bushnell for a target turret or maybe reticle swap, which would of course be the best thing to do.
Baby, is the turret system the type that has to have a coin to adjust or does it have an elevated rectangular plastic piece that you can turn with your fingers?
OK--here's how i set mine up on a Ruger Mk III 2x Barska--


Pulled the platic tab, and turned the "0" mark to the bottom [just like a std. target turret], then marked each 10 MOA point with a red dot [this is a 1/2 inch or MOA click turret system]. Can you see how this system gives me 30 MOA per revolution?
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