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I'm looking for some input on a scope for a longrange hunting rifle. The scope will be going on a 338 Lapua. I've been trying to find a used 4x14 or 4x16 30mm scope but haven't had any luck. I've been thinking about the Tasco SS10x42M. Does anyone have any pros or cons about using this scope for longrange hunting to 1000yds. Also what about the field of view for closer shots?
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Wayne, My buddy has a few of them, not the best for clarity, A nice Burris Black Diamond, Signature in 4-16X w/Bal-Mildot would be right up your alley, Jay
Thanks for the input. I've looked at the Burris BD 4x16 but it doesn't come with target turrets and I would like a scope with them.
Wayne, Burris's custom shop can install the target turrets for about $80.00. and they will change the reticles as well.

Thanks guys for all your input.
I think the Zeiss is a 1" tube, I looked at a 4x14 and it's a really nice scope but I want and need a 30mm.
I thought about having Burris put the target knobs on their BD 4x16 but Im looking for something right now and didn't want to have to buy a scope and send it off and wait for it.
I appreciate all your help, keep the suggestions coming.
The next best thing is the Nikon Tacticals or even the Titanium one. They have the 30mm tube and yes you are right about the Zeiss being a 1".

Also been seeing some good things about the IOR scopes, theres a review over at Sniper Country on them and on here too, just a thought.

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For 120 minute of elevation, the Tasco SS 10X42 is the best bang for the buck. The next one is the Elite 3200 10X (80min).

The optics on the Tasco is not bad, better then the 3200 but not as good as a 4200 Elite. I use mine to quarter a 9X9" target at 1000m. Have used it to 1800m on "MOA" size targets.

The field of view is very wide and probably as wide as a 30mm tube can get. Close range is not a problem as the AO will adjust.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Tascos and Elite. For the money vs elevation, they beat Leupold hands down. For optical perfection, I would lean towards the Nikon and IOR. For those where money no object, a Nightforce would be a great choice.

Leupold makes very good products. I just believe that they are over priced.

I have a Tasco SS 10x42 with rings and butlercreek flip up caps you can have for 300.00, almost like new, I will even pay for shipping

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I have the same cal. rifle. Finally gave up and bit the bullet, put a S&B PM II mil-dot on.
my $.02
I too folks am looking for a good scope to put on a teka 3 in a 300 wsm. I like the looks and operation of the vortex scopes out there but am looking for help on the scope and how it will hold up to the recoil in the teka lite rifle,any know how the vortex is holding up??? thx.
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