Scope improvement suggestions


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Mar 17, 2009
I have a Leupold VX III 4.5-14x40 and i was going to put an M1 style elevation turret on it but do you think it would be worth it to put a windage turret on the side since it's already there? Or would it not be a waste of time? It is on a 340 Weatherby that is used for hunting out to about 700 yards for now. Thanks.
I have the same scope with a B&C reticle in it, and I have a plain moa cds dial on it for elevation, which I like because it is only 1/2" tall, you might like it for windage, low profile. The reticle above has some built inwindage
So if the M1 turret has some windage built in i would not really need the separate windage turret? Or am i way off?
Sorry , your off, a B&C RETICLE HAS SOME BUILT IN WINDAGE, THE CDS dial is just a nice low profile, which would work good in a scabboard or such. I DONT HAVE A WINDAGE one, but do for elevation. I shot a mil dot version, w/ target turrets on may 340 for quite a few years
Have the windage turret put on while it's there. No sense shipping it back and forth twice!
Thanks guys. I will put the low profile turret for windage. Once it's there i might as well get it done.
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