Scope For .308 or .223

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    May 11, 2012
    Right now I have a Viper PST 4-16x50 SFP on my Tikka T3, which I'll use for pronghorn, mule deer and elk in Colorado. I'll confident on shots out to 500 yards with this set up and my handloads. I'm not real fond of the tactical windage turret due to my tendency to rotate it while carrying it leftshouldered, especially once it gets 180 degrees out of phase. I'll also take some target shots out to 800 yards for fun.

    I just picked up a heavy barreled Savage 10FP that came with a throw away Guide Gear scope. This rifle will be used for varmints out to 300-400 yards and plinking out to 500-600 yards.

    My quandary is do I put the PST on the Savage and pick up something else for hunting, and if so, would a lower top end power still be suitable for 500 yard shots on pronghorn, or keep the PST on the Tikka and get a higher top end power for long shots on prairie dogs? What makes the most sense?
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